Bathrooms at KTVO

My Goodness I have a lot of projects to update you all on… life has been so incredibly busy lately I have not had the time to do many new posts… so here I go.

A few weeks back I started on a bathroom remodel project at KTVO. I started by removing the wallpaper border. After the border was removed and all the glue was cleaned off the wall I started patching the holes and imperfections in the drywall and tiles…then I painted the ceiling and walls a nice fresh white in semi gloss sheen.

Here are some before photos of this space…

Men’s Bathroom


Women’s BathroomIMG_0109




This image shows the wallpaper removed, the wall painted and the grout all freshened. To freshen the grout we used a product called rejuvenate grout re newer. It was almost like a white out pen. You literally went over each area and “Painted” the grout fresh again. It looks so much better!


More photos coming soon once the new toilets, vanity and cabinets are in place.

Stay tuned,


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