KTVO DIY Project

Last week I had the opportunity to be on Good Morning Heartland. I wanted to share with you how easy the DIY project was that I shared on the show.

Here are photos and steps how to complete this project.


In this photo you will see fake flowers, a mason jar, paint for the mason jar, brown paint to spell HOME on your project, fine tip brushes and metal pipe clamps…


You will need to purchase 1×4 common board from your local hardware store and cut the boards to approx. 14 inches.


For this project I painted the boards a dark gray… but you can paint the boards whatever color you would like.


Next, I used the chalk paint to paint the mason jar. Make sure to clean your mason jar with alcohol before you paint and use a foam brush for application.


Next, I painted the distressed look on the boards with semi-gloss white paint.


Once that was dry I used the stencils and created the letters for home on the boards…


Once the boards were all dry I attached the  brackets on the back to hold all pieces together and screwed the pipe clamp to the board then put the mason jar on and the flowers in…

All Done! What an easy project that was inexpensive!

Any questions feel free to contact me.


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