Kitchen Floor Finally!!!

As most of you know, I ripped every piece of flooring out of home shortly after moving in. The floor was so disgusting and dirty I couldn’t get it clean so I gave up the fight. Slowly but surely we are getting the flooring we chose for our home in each room. Since it runs $60 a box and only covers 19 sq ft it has been a process to say the least.

Here is a few photos of the spaces before and during…

unnamed (1)

And so it begins… This space took a whole day to finish we kept running into areas that we had to fix or correct such as the dishwasher areas sub-floor was swollen from previous water damage so we ripped it all out and put fresh sub-floor in.

unnamed (2)

Our son was really excited to help us get the floor down… finally floor he says!

unnamed (3)

When we pulled the stove out we found this “Gem”… also known as the best thing ever! An electric outlet! I know you are asking why is that the best thing ever!? Well I hate gas stoves and when we replace all of our appliances this November I get to get an electric stove and I don’t have to deal with gas anymore!!! Which means glass cooktop which means easy clean up! 🙂unnamed (4)

unnamed (5)

Starting to make some progress now…unnamed (6)

Then we got to the dishwasher which would not even roll in and out because the sub-floor was so swollen… So we when finally got the dishwasher out we found that we had a vent conveniently located under the dishwasher which was doing nothing for our kitchen and that the dishwasher was hardwired instead of having an outlet box. So we ended up ripping out all the sub-floor and putting new in while relocating the air vent so we could actually feel it in the kitchen and we put in an outlet box so when we get the new dishwasher it will be easy to install.unnamed (7)

Now images of the space all done with new trim and caulk to finish it off… wow finally floor!

unnamed (8)

unnamed (12)

unnamed (13)

I also had to finally do a beautiful blue accent wall in our living room to add a little color! Love how it turned out!

unnamed (11)

The next projects for the kitchen will be new cabinets, counter tops, and appliances and I plan to get a new kitchen table and build an island. So more updates for this space coming soon…


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