How to Choose the Best Color for Your Project

Do you have a space in your home that is begging for a fresh coat of paint? How do you choose the right color for the space?

Color Sample and Paintbrush

When I would arrive at a clients house they would take me to the space of the home and say, “What color would you recommend?” This question really depends on so much…

Are there many windows in the space?

Is it large or small?

Is there a lot of furniture in the space? If so, what color in that area works as a great accent?

What are the colors of surrounding rooms?

Are you scared of color and feel safer with neutrals?

After going through this list of questions look at photos of colors you think would look great in your space online.

Once you feel you have a color chosen head to your local hardware store and be prepared to get a lot of different color chips in the color you have chosen. Please keep in mind the lights in the store completely change the color of the actual color chip. You have to bring those chips home and place them in different areas of your space as the light changes from wall to wall. Once you have a color chip narrowed down, grab some sample size paints and put it to the wall. Let it dry and step back to reveal the color that’s best for your space.

The fun thing about paint… you can change the color! So don’t stress, make it fun and enjoy the look of your new space!


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