Our Building is finally done!

Holy cow this building has been on the back burner for far too long! With this being the first weekend my husband has had off in over 8 months he looked out the window and said, “Let’s do a project today.” I was so excited to hear him say that and couldn’t wait to find out what his idea was. He quickly said, “It’s time to finish the building!”

We had all the supplies and almost all the trim already painted and ready we just had to cut it, attach it and caulk it to finish the building up.

Here are some photos from our project today. Feels great to finally mark this one off!

Here was a before of this project…







This poor building sat without trim for over 8 months! We had the new siding on but the trim was in the building waiting for another day when we had some time to do it…




Looks so much better to finally have this area properly trimmed out.



Another project bites the dust… So excited this one is done before winter and the harsh elements ruin all the hard work we put in to make this building nicer.

Until our next project,



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