Our Kitchen: UPDATE!

You guys!! I got new appliances finally after over 3 years of living here and dealing with a refrigerator that leaked into our laundry room, a dishwasher that didn’t clean our dishes well and a stove that I hated to clean!

We are doing the kitchen a little backwards… but we plan to replace the cabinets, counter top, sink and faucet in the next few months. After the new cabinets and counter tops we can then place the new microwave we purchased over the stove. So for now I am so excited to have appliances that work and all match!

Ok, so I am going to take it back a bit… back to when the kitchen was still U-shaped and closed off…back to when we first purchased our home.


Here is a photo after I painted the cabinets and walls…

unnamed (51)

And now… with the new appliances and new layout…


Still much to do.. but as you know I always have a project going… until next time all!


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