DIY Projects

Ladder Blanket:

I first saw this idea on the Shanty 2 Chic’s Pinterest page and decided to make one of my own for our home. We did not end up following their tutorial on how to make it just bought lumber and made it how we wanted it for our living room. We ended up buying (2) 2×4’s and (1) 1×6. We cut the 1×6 to the length we wanted then screwed them to the 2x4s. We sanded it and stained it and viola you have a ladder blanket.

Take a look!


Shabby Chic Lamp Shade:

The lampshade that went with this lamp was purple and the lamp itself was silver. To make this lamp go with my decor I spray painted the lamp itself oil rubbed bronze then for the lampshade I took leftover material I had and cut it about 2 inches wide. I then hot glued the fabric to the lampshade bunching it as I went to create this look.

diy project1

Mr. and Mrs. Frames:

I created this project by buying two 8×10 frames from a garage sale and I had this old window in my garage. I painted the window Pensive Sky by Behr then went online to create the font I wanted. I printed the text out and laid it over contact paper. Once I had it straight I cut out the text on the contact paper to create a vinyl sticker. I then attached those stickers to the glass. So instead of stressing about purchasing a vinyl you can create your own using contact paper and your printer.

diy project2

DIY Park Benches with Cinderblock and Landscaping Timbers

This was such an easy project. Each bench takes four cinderblocks and two landscaping timbers. You can paint the cinderblocks whatever color suits your backyard or leave them as they are. Then you can purchase the landscaping timbers from your local hardware store. I purchased these one from our local Home Depot they are not actually wood they a plastic so I don’t have to worry about staining them and they should last longer and for $5 a piece these were a steal!


Door Knob Coat Hooks

I took a 1×4 cut it to my desired length and sanded it. After it was sanded I stained it then drilled four holes in the wood where I wanted the door knobs to go. I found the door knobs at a local auction. I then attached the door knobs to the wood to create this look.

kaes room4

DIY Wood Plate Holder

For this project I cut a 1×10 to the desired length and sanded it. Once it was sanded I stained it the hammered in ring shank nails to create a rustic look at the desired location. I attached a wall hanger on the back and viola cute Plate holder to dress up our kitchen.


Chicken Wire Welcome Frame

To create this frame I cut 1×4 to the desired lengths to create a frame. I then sanded and stained the wood. Once the stain was dry I cut and attached the chicken wire to the frame using staples. I found the burlap flower and letter K at Walmart and hot glued those to the frame. I painted the letter K the perfect blue to match my home decor then printed off the welcome banner on my computer and attached it with jute string.




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