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Hello and welcome to our fixer upper.  In this page you will find all the hard work we accomplished on the outside of our house since we moved in.

Here is a picture of the front of our home after all our hard work. We still have projects we would like to complete but this is where we are for now. In the future we hope to have a new front door and sidelights, corbels, painted retaining wall, and painted chimney.




Front of 2501

Here are projects I have completed so far on the exterior of our home. Take a look!

January 21, 2014-

It was beautiful today so I decided to take down the glass screen door and repaint the front door and trim to freshen it up. Please ignore the hideous light above the door. I can’t wait to get that thing replaced with something from this century ha ha! We also had a chance to change the gold door  handle and dead bolt to these gorgeous oil rubbed bronze ones from Kwikset. What do you think?


May 05, 2014-

Over the last few weeks I have been working really hard on our curb appeal. I have white washed our bricks, planted a lot of new flowers, painted our mailbox post and got a new mailbox, got landscaping stones and made a tree ring around the front yard tree and around our mailbox. We removed all of our shutters and are in the process of making our own wooden shutters… photos of the project coming soon… but for now take a look at what we have so far…

White washed brick with shutters removed.


Ring made around our tree in the front yard with pavers purchased from the Home Depot.


Mums planted in the tree ring as well as a lot of dirt and mulch added.


May 07, 2014-

Mailbox project started:

I first removed the old mailbox and painted the post bright white then went to our local Home Depot and purchased a new mailbox.


Here is a photo of the new mailbox and landscape. I later added numbers to the post in the same color as our front door and shutters.



Updated Photo: August 5, 2015-


June 12, 2014-

The beginning stages of our paver patio…

We first marked off the area we wanted the patio then began removing the sod.


Preparing the  area by loosening the dirt and leveling the area.


Half way there…Notice the kiddie tools too! They love to help with my projects.


Here is where we are for now.. still have a few blocks to cut and hope to cut out the three bushes and build a pergola over the paver area. Love how this has turned out.



Updated Photos: August 5, 2015-

August 18, 2014-

We got a new light above the front door from Home Depot! I could not be happier with how great it looks, take a look!





August 21, 2014-

We are finally getting our shutter project done. What a difference these are making. We chose to make our shutters ourselves rather than purchasing them. We bought 21 1×4’s at Home Depot to create our shutters. We attached three 1×4’s together  then placed two 1×4 horizontally and attached those. We love how this turned out. Take a look at the before and after.




September 21, 2014-

You may have also noticed that the windows look different. When we purchased the house the previous owner replaced all the windows in the house with new ones but they were replaced with boring ones. So I used my imagination and thought what about using tape to create a more appealing window. So I searched for what is popular in Craftsman style homes and I found in new construction they were using this style so I went with it and love how it has turned out. So far the tape has done wonderful and it has been on for one year now. Take a look at this creation.




The next project for the exterior is Corbels. I would like to place four of them on the front of the house. Two near the basement window and two around the garage doors. Then five on each end of the house I found a really nice tutorial online and plan to use that to make them. I really think this will help to transform our split level into more of a craftsman feel.

Here are the before photos…




Here is an updated photo of the front of the house with new perennials planted, new light fixture above the door, white washed brick, shutters painted and put up and front door painted… Only thing left at this time is two new light fixtures over the garage doors, corbels, and a new front door and sidelights.


September 09, 2014-

We replaced the roof on our exterior storage building. The roof was in need of repair because of a water leak around the skylight that was not installed correctly. With further examination of the roof we had to replace three of the rafters and four sheets of plywood on the roof to fully repair the roof. Here are photos from this project…

With the roof looking great we still need to replace the siding on the building then it we can check this project off our list.

June 24, 2015-

We finally removed all the bushes around the exterior foundation. Here are some pictures of this process…







Hauling them all away…



July 27, 2015-

Completed our benches in our backyard so we can sit and watch the kids play. This was such an easy project and we had the cinderblocks already we just needed to purchase the landscaping timbers which were only $5.00 a piece. So all in all this project was very inexpensive and provides enough seating for company.




IMG_0150 IMG_0152



June 2018 Updates….


  1. Michelle says:

    Hi! I have a different style of house but I want to do many of the same exterior diy’s you guys have done. I love it. Can you tell me how you got the look you got when you white washed? I want some of the brick color to show through. I have found photos of what I like but I can’t find a very good description of how to do that. Thanks!

    • nikki says:

      Hello and thank you so much for the wonderful compliment! For the white washed brick I chose an exterior paint from Home Depot in bright white (I believe it was Glidden) then poured approximately 2 cups of paint in a bucket then added around 4 cups of water to achieve the watered down consistency I needed. Once the paint mixture was how I wanted it I brushed the mixture on a small section at a time then took a rag to dab that entire area to even it out and make sure it blended well. It was a long process but not hard by any means…Just plan with the weather to make sure to give yourself plenty of time. I think it even updated our home from the dark brick it once had. Let me know if you have any other questions I will do my best to help however I can.

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi! It’s me again. I’m still working on my hubby-he’s not convinced about white washing. I also like the mortar smear look but I’m not sure I can do that well. At least washing is an all over method, lol. So. I’m getting quotes on having someone else do the smear but I’m doubting that I will want to spend that kind of money. So. How to get over the fear of making an unfixable mistake if we hate it. I only have brick under my porch and half walls of it around my driveway. The rest is siding. So the porch area is rather dark. All this started because after painting my front door turquoise and then glazing it. One thing just seems to lead to another. Now I want to build board and batten shutters and stain them dark. They won’t show up well on my darkish brick. Sighhhhh. Anyway, how did you guys get the gumption to just do it?!????

    • nikki says:

      Hello Michelle!

      We had a brick fireplace in our basement that had the same brick as the exterior of our home. I started the project there and thought worse case I could paint the fireplace a solid color if I hated it. Once I started the process on the fireplace it was so simple and looked amazing that I just couldn’t stop. Next thing I knew I was outside and literally just started on one end of our house and worked my way to the other… next thing my husband knew he came home and couldn’t believe what a difference it made. Even our neighbors came over that evening saying how it really updated the house. If you have an area that you can test the water first I would do that… I know it’s a big change and can be scary. Best of luck! You will have to share some photos with me! 🙂

      • Michelle says:

        I wish I had a brick fireplace. That’s another eventual makeover. My poor hubby. He had no idea when he married me how into this I am getting. I LOVE changing things and doing the work myself. I need someone to let me play with their fireplace…but that would take lots of trust. Anyway, I would send you a pic of my house now if I could. I’m thinking of doing the whitewash but making up different batches of color and starting lightly and randomly applying to different bricks. Then scrubbing some off. Anyway, my email address is rmjamuse at msn dot com if you’d like to see what it looks like now. I would actually like to do this kind of stuff for a living but I’m not sure I’m that good yet. Maybe in time. Thanks!!

  3. Cara says:

    I love the look of your whitewashed brick. How has it held up? Does it still look this beautiful? Do you think whitewashing exterior brick requires maintenance/redo every few years? Thanks!

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