Entry Way

Welcome to our Entry way the very first thing you see when entering our fixer upper stairs and our little dog.

Come on in… Oscar our pooch is here to greet you!


Our entry way has had quite the make over but still has updates we plan to accomplish in the future such as a new front door and sidelights.


When entering our home there was a wall that split the upstairs and downstairs, I shortened the wall to create a more open space when entering the front door.


Our kiddo’s command center or backpack/coat drop off.


This is our small gallery wall all about our home right in the entry way.




This is the view looking down the stairs it sure has came a long ways but instead of me telling you all about it now you can read more about it below.


The entry way was one of the first places I started. I could not stand the filthy carpet on the stairs. After dealing with it for two weeks I couldn’t take it anymore so I took pliers and pulled an area back to see what the wood looked like beneath it. When I finally got it pulled back I found it was builder grade soft wood but being on a budget I knew I could make it look awesome! So Here are some photos of this process.

I first gathered the necessary tools… I found pliers to pull the carpet up, gloves to protect my hands from the staples in the carpet, a hammer to remove staples and hammer in any nails that were not flush with the wood and a small pry bar to remove the tack strip that held down the carpet in seams.


Here is the exposed wood I found after pulling the carpet back…


Here is the stairs after all the carpet, staples and tack strips were removed as well as my daughter and our dog Oscar.


I filled all the staple holes and any large imperfections with wood filler then sanded to reveal a smooth finish. I also had to repaint the walls to come all the way down to the stairs now. After this process I started painting the risers bright white. This is how the stairs look with this treatment.100_5687

Here are the stairs with all the risers painted. What do you think?


I painted the stair tops dark walnut brown then used polyurethane over the stairs and risers entirely while sanding in-between coats. I did  3 coats of polyurethane to completely protect the stairs since they are used often.

Here are the stairs finished… still going to add stair skirting and board and batten… pictures to follow…


The ugly wood banister…


I went back and forth as to if I should paint the banister, leave it dark, or replace it entirely. Thinking budget friendly I decided if I wanted to have a change I knew paint was my option. So I painted the banister white and I love how it turned out. Take a look… What are your thoughts?


Quite the difference huh? I love how it turned out and my husband was very surprised with how it looked as well. Not to mention it didn’t take long to make such a huge improvement.

New oil rubbed bronze Door Handle & Dead bolt from Kwikset… what do you think?


Repainted the front door and sidelights as well as the surrounding trim. Huge difference and really lightened up the entry way. Can’t wait to remove the ceiling fan and get a chandelier for this area as well as ripping up the old floor and putting in the new Allure flooring. Projects, Projects everywhere…


After much time I finally decided it was time to remove the wall that was in the entry way. I measured the area to give the  rail height a measurement of 38 inches.  Then took a straight edge and box cutter knife to remove the dry wall  down to the 2×4’s.


After removing all the drywall and nails I ended up with a nice clean area where we next took a jig saw and removed the remaining 2×4’s.


After the 2×4’s were all removed we placed this 1×6 to give a very finished look.


We removed all the trim in the entry way and placed these 1×4 and 1×6’s to create a craftsman style trim.



Here is the finished look with new Allure Flooring, new Craftsman style trim and baseboard and I finally finished the stairs.


We finally got rid of the hideous ceiling fan in our entry way!


We could not believe how heavy this ceiling fan was! So glad it is finally gone. The light I found for the entry way was purchased on clearance at Home Depot for $34.00 This light was originally $180!





What a huge difference this light fixture made! So glad to finally have it.

Here is our finished look of this space so proud of how it turned out.


June 2018 Updates-

The entryway has went through quite the remodel. It has new board and batten, crown molding and bead board as well as new surface on all the steps and risers. I also tore out the old banister and newel post and put in new craftsman style square spindles and made my own newel post. The front door and garage door is also black now. I am loving how these spaces have completely transformed. Take a look!




















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