Hello and welcome to our “Farmhouse” Kitchen come take a look around…







When we moved in to our house I knew something had to be done with this kitchen and fast. The cabinets were falling apart and off the wall and begging me to help them . I noticed that a new trend was painting the cabinets an actual color rather than white and I figured if there was ever a chance to play with color this was my opportunity. After searching through a lot and I mean a lot of my color chips I came across Glidden’s Pebble Grey. I knew it would be just deep enough to offset from the wall color but not be to dark and drag down the room. So here is this process in photos…

Before Photo:


After Photo: (The cabinets still need handles and the flooring and lights need redone…but what an improvement.)


After the After Photo…


If you have ever painted cabinets you know how big of a process this can be. I started by taking off all the doors and drawer fronts. I then used de-glosser and cleaned the cabinets really good. I found that since we had not moved in yet it was really nice not having to worry about items in the cabinets & drawers. After the de-glossing was complete I primed and painted all the cabinets and drawers then applied polyurethane to protect all the hard work I put into this project. I think the end project is quite amazing! Also please ignore the mess on the counters… This was before we moved everything in and that was our catch all…

Kitchen cabinets

kitchen cabinets 2

After getting the cabinets all painted the blue tile back splash really began to get on my nerves. I made a trip to Home Depot to look at options for different back splash tiles but after seeing the price per square foot I knew this was not in the budget. I needed to go another route but what? After a little thought the existing tile was in great condition I just hated the dark blue tile. The light bulb came on… use paint. But then I had to decide what color. Knowing I still had some of the blue left from the wall color I went with it. First I used some Gripper paint I had on hand from another project to coat the tiles and give the blue paint something to adhere to. After the gripper paint was dry I gave the tiles two coats of the light blue and one coat of polyurethane. It turned out awesome and didn’t cost me a dime. What a difference.

Before Photo:

Ugly Blue Tile

After Photo: (Pretty Blue Tile)


After moving into our home I found that a tube of white caulk really helped a lot throughout the house not only to make it more efficient but to clean up caulk that had cracked or was dirty beyond repair.


Also the funny looking tool on the right is quite a life saver. It makes the caulk lines perfect and creates a great seal. I bought this product at Home Depot and would recommend it to everyone.

Here are some photos of the an area before caulk and after.




This dark color throughout our home screams “Outdated!”  I knew this project was going to be a lengthy one because of the detail of the wood trim so I took a whole Sunday and tackled this project. The completed project brought these rooms back into 2000. Here are photos of the before and after.

Before Photo:


After Photo:








Pantry Door

The sliding Pantry door was not working for us. The door would get caught then the kids would pull until the door would pop and sound as though it was going to come flying off the track at any minute. So I went to Home Depot and got 6 oil rubbed bronze hinges and two magnet catches. We transformed our sliding pantry door to a french door in no time. We could not be happier with this project. So much easier for the kiddos.

pantry door2


The now french door needs new oil rubbed bronze pulls and the hole from the previous pull filled, sanded and repainted… but I think this turned out awesome!


Today I got the inside of the pantry painted Behr Modern Grey and filled the hole in the door and painted that area. I hope to find the perfect pulls tomorrow and get them installed on the door. Take a look at the before and after.


Pantry redo


Pantry redo1

Pantry Door Final Project Update:

Pantry Doors

I swear paint can really update an area… what do you think?

The newest project in the kitchen is the small area below the cabinets where the cabinet kick board is located. When we moved in we noticed the previous owner had used this awesome commercial grade plastic kick board which only collected dirt and was an eyesore. Take a look…


After 30 minutes of tugging and pulling I got the plastic kick board off to reveal the amount of glue used to adhere these bad boys to the cabinets…


So now you ask what are you going to do there? Well we have some left over wainscot from a previous furniture project and we plan to cut and brad nail that to this area. I figure it will draw from the original wainscot that I painted and make the room more uniform. I will have pictures from this project coming soon. Have you ever redone this area of your cabinets?

Here is a photo of the finished area under the cabinets. What do you think?


More photos of the kitchen as of now…





So After living in our home for 7 months I am tired of the gray cabinets and tackled them again to achieve white cabinets. I also pealed up the 2 layers of linoleum to get back to the subfloor.  Take a look!


Before with Gray Cabinets…


After with White Cabinets…


Kitchen Cabinets with Handle Hardware:

Kitchen Cabinets

I removed 4 of the cabinet doors to create a new look and plan to buy baskets for the cabinets surrounding the stove area to place all the spices and items in. I also removed the panels in the two cabinets directly above the stove and stapled chicken wire in the panels place that I painted oil rubbed bronze. I am really happy with how this turned out.


Cabinets with knobs and reorganized…

Cabinets Over Stove


With these two cabinets I created a hutch area to display dishes etc. It was a hard to reach area to put things away and I have seen this done often so I decided this was the perfect area for this.



I scraped the popcorn ceiling texture off! What a process but with the help of my mom it made the process a lot easier. As I scraped she cleaned up the texture which made the whole process a lot less messy.








unnamed (4)

Room with new paint (Behr Silver Cloud) and the ceiling painted.

unnamed (5)

Dining room2

Painted the backs of the Cabinets flat black…





June 2018 Updates-

We have officially lived in this home for five years… and still our kitchen is not complete. We plan to get new tops, sink, faucet and two new pantry cabinets. However this space has went through a lot in the last five years. It went from a closed off space to being opened up allowing for an island, easier walkways through the kitchen, new microwave above the stove, as well as four new can lights in the ceiling. Can’t wait to say this space is done… but for now take a look at what we have accomplished.














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