Hello and welcome to our garage. Go ahead and take a look around.


Our garage is a disaster… it has been the catch all to all the projects we have tackled in two months of living here… This spring I plan to give it a complete overhaul, remove all the popcorn ceiling, paint the ceiling black, paint the walls, accomplish more organization and build shelves. Here is a  photo of the before for now… once warmer weather arrives after photos will be available.





January 19, 2014-

The starburst pattern on the garage doors really helped to outdate this house and did not go with the overall theme of the home. After shoveling snow I tinkered with the panels to find they were removable. It was very gratifying to remove these.

Here is a before photo…

Front of 2501

Updated photo of the garage re-do. I took the sunburst patterns out of the windows. Next I purchased a kit from Home Depot to make these normal doors look like Carriage Doors. Then I added white electrical tape to the windows to make them appear to be framed out like Carriage door windows. Take a look…. What do you think?

Garage Door

July 28, 2015-

I finally painted the cabinets in the garage white and boy did it brighten up our garage. I love how it turned out.





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